Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pink Floyd - June 20, 1973

Pink Floyd's two Merriweather concerts in June of 1973 are my favorites.  Essentially a stop in the short U.S. tour for "The Dark Side of the Moon" album that was recently released, they were relatively unknown to many on this side of the pond. Their future single "Money" was just released that same month, reaching number 13 on the Billboard 100  for 1973.  It was also the only song on the seminal album that made it into the Top 20.  For those who were there, most find it cemented in their minds and are able to recall many of the details - the real mark of a great show.  It's memory urged me to start this blog.

This concert on that warm late June evening was performed during a huge rainstorm and was set-up in an expansive quad sound arrangement with large speakers placed in the rear corners of the lawn area near the fences. The aural display with the swirling effects in several of the tracks was enough to leave lasting memories for all who were lucky enough to be there.  I would safely say that anyone who left those stunning shows was soon shortly in the possession of a DKSOTM album, which most would still have somewhere nearby today.

Earls Court, 1973

This audio of "Money" from the first night is from a popular sound recording known as "Breaking Bottles in the Hall" and has pretty good sound for the time:


Get the original recording at iTunes - Money - Pink Floyd

More audio from that show:

"Us and Them"

For an interesting treat, this is a demo recording of "Money" Roger Water's made in a garden shed. 


  1. Running with ScissorsAugust 27, 2011 at 5:02 PM

    I was there, wow what a great memory. Don't remember much of the night except I came to and was sitting in a mud puddle, but a good time was had!!!

    1. Why couldn't you remember much? As if I don't know! I don't either.

  2. I think it has to rank as one of the top concerts - somewhat due to hearing that seminal album for the first time live and also because the times where so much different than today. I did not Pink Floyd when I went that night (I worked there and got in free) and left wanting to know more.

  3. Whenever I reminisce about concerts, this one comes to mind right away. One of the best I ever got to experience, with speakers in the trees, and the female chorus and the saxophone. The absolute best light show I have ever seen. (Sufijan Stevens this year is second.) I already was a big Pink Floyd fan from Ummagumma and Atom Heart Mother but had never heard DSOTM. My friends kept pouring whiskey down my throat. Thank you for this blog. Awesome. Maybe more folks will learn the meaning of the name of the Animal Collective album.

  4. I was fortunate enough to be under the roof in the very back. The audio was awesome. I remember the storm too!

    I remeber that as the crowd was emptying out of the gates, people began "bleeting" like sheep :'). I also recall that the nearby trees were filled with fireflies, which added to a great night.

  5. I was at one of the shows can't remember which of course.
    Quad sound was amazing! It did rain though which put a little damper on things. the joints would not stay lit.

    Anyone remember how much lawn seats cost? I think they were under $5.

    1. I remember lawn seats for Zep/the who concert were $2.

  6. I was there but cannot remember which show. I remember the rain and the quad sound which was amazing.

    Can anyone remember the cost of lawn seats? i believe it was less than $5.

  7. Saw them March 22 1973 at Hampton Coliseum and you're right, we all went out and bought the DSOTM album the following day. Expectations going in were of a combination of the Ummagumma and Meddle albums, and along with Obscured By Clouds, the first set was just that. WOWI-FM had been playing Money - which sounded like Savoy Brown to my ears but following intermission, the quad PA kicked in as the band led us through the entire DSOTM album. The intro to Money with the rolling coins and cash register drawers ka-chinging and aurally dancing around the Coliseum was very impressive-especially to the 1st 10 rows or so of tripping acid heads...

  8. I was there, also don't remember which show! 8 rows back from the stage if I remember right! G. Hagler, Ogden, Utah.