Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Genesis - June 14, 1980

The second appearance by the group at Merriweather on their "Duke" tour, which began in March in the UK. By now, Genesis had become more mainstream but still filled the set with their classic material. I noticed a different audience then at the previous show just two years earlier - obviously due to the more radio friendly materiel and videos which attracted a younger crowd pulled in by the radio hits. The hardcore fans however were still treated to a great show.  Phil Collins sported a full beard and ran furiously between the front of the stage and back to his drums at various points, assisting excellent (local) tour drummer Chester Thompson.

The tour again featured Chester and also Daryl Stuermer on guitar, with Mike Rutherford using his double neck guitar at times.  Chester and Daryl were incredible finds and made a career touring with the group since the 1978 tour. Daryl later went on to write and tour with Phil and in 1989 co-wrote Phil's Grammy Award Winning, Billboard #4 single, "Something Happened On the Way to Heaven."

The audio below from this show features "Turn it on Again" released on the "Duke" album which also was the name of the groups 2007 world tour:

Get the original recording at iTunes - "Turn it on Again"

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Extra info: A complete list of equipment used on this tour

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  1. Just got back from merriweather last night 6.18.2017 and realized that 37 years ago was my first concert there and first Genesis show. Saw Genesis 20 more times or so timed which says it all.