Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Allman Brothers - July 19, 1979

With a long history of shows at Merriweather, this was their first of what would be eighteen shows to date.  The band had been through many changes and this show was a great line-up and a lively performance.  The group had just recently reformed, after splitting apart in 1976 due to drug issues, legal conflicts and numerous tensions between band members. While their recent album, Enlightened Rougues, released in February, was well received, with some great guitar work between Dickey Betts and new addition, Dan Toler, the band was still in serious trouble.

Their record label, Capricorn, collapsed later in the year due to financial issues, and Southern Rock simply was losing popularity amidst the punk and new wave revolution. By 1982, the band would again break up, and stay apart for almost 7 years.

These excellent recordings are from that 1979 show -

I always found "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed" an incredible mix of jazz, southern rock and blues as well as a masters exercise in guitar workmanship.  This recording was taken directly from the soundboard that evening:

This recording of "Ramblin' Man" was the band's biggest chart hit:

The Set List
1. Don't Want You No More 
2. It's Not My Cross To Bear
3. Can't Take It With You  
4. Blue Sky
5. Need Your Love So Bad
6. Crazy Love
7. Just Ain't Easy
8. In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed
9. Statesboro Blues
10. Try It One More Time  
11. One Way Out
12. Southbound
13. Whipping Post
14. Ramblin' Man
15. Midnight Rider  

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