Saturday, September 3, 2011

Neil Young - August 20, 1987

His first appearance at this venue on the "Life" tour with Crazy Horse.  Neil played several more shows over the next two decades here and was a consistent draw at Merriweather.  This concert also hosted the song debut of  "One of These Days", released on the subsequent "Harvest Moon" album later in 1992.  The "Life" album was released a month earlier and was Neil Young's first album with Crazy Horse in almost a decade.  It was also his final album with Geffen and remains his all-time least successful studio album.

 Although not a great album or time for Neil's recording achievements, this concert still appears to have been classic Neil Young and featured many of his best known material played with some of his favorite collaborators.

This is audio from that August evening:

"Cinnamon Girl"

"Down by the River"

More pics from that tour... 

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